About Me

Female, 21

Third Year, Game Art Design (Skillset Accredited)

De Montfort University, Leicester

As I was born and bred in Cambridge, I am used to being surrounded by amazing architecture and landscapes. I believe this is a large part of the reason that I wanted to become an artist from an early age. My roots, however, do not stem from traditional art but instead, architecture. From the second I left secondary school to move to sixth form, I wanted to become an architect, but when I realised the design side of me was a lot more prevalent than the science side, I decided to make a change.

With only a few viable options as an artist to have a long and successful career I knew I had to find something that I would thrive in and enjoy. This is where the games industry bulldozed into my life. It was the perfect fit for me, as I had never been incredibly confident as a traditional artist, the idea of becoming a game artist was incredibly alluring. That’s not to say that my traditional knowledge of colour, shape and perspective wasn’t tested daily during the years of my time at University.

As hard-surface modelling (architecture) is something that has been in my blood for many years my projects reflect that fact. It has been an interesting experience to delve into other facets of being a game artist, including organic modelling and game engine software. Being as immersed as I am in the digital age, I feel like this has helped me in all other areas of my life. Be that when I’m gaming, writing or socialising.