Project Description

“Make a realistic prop model of the Challenger II main battle tank, correctly finished as a replica of a real tank. Model should feature realistic texturing, weathering and general wear and tear. As a further task, make a realistic prop model of the re-purposed Challenger II MBT, the Trojan.”


With my tutor’s encouragement, instead of attempting the main brief, I went directly to the stretch goal brief and produced the Challenger 2 TROJAN which is a re-purposed engineering vehicle built on a Challenger 2 MBT chassis. However, I soon came to realise that the TROJAN has been so extremely changed that calling it Challenger 2 is ridiculous. With barely any reference on the internet and no blueprints anywhere it was a case of using what I had managed to collect and modelling as much as I could.

This didn’t stop me however from visiting the Duxford War Museum to get a feel for the size and build of these tanks. It was helpful for me to see the scale and the texture of the military vehicle up close. Which is why this is something that I would like to repeat in any future vehicular or military projects in the future.

The week that I took to complete this project was a week that I spent learning and enjoying my time. It was an opportunity to fine-tune my skills in creating normal maps as well as using software such as Quixel nDo, Quixel dDo, Adobe Photoshop and 3ds Max.