Project Description

Set by The Great British Library and Gamecity, we were tasked to respond to the assets we were supplied with, deciding and declaring how we were going to treat them and then executing on that brief. It was about exploring how our work could give new perspectives on the source material. Our team decided on creating a 3D Environment and only later did we decide to make it a working game.

The theme itself centred around Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’

Although my team didn’t become shortlisted for the competition, we were lucky enough to receive a special mention and our work was shown to the jury of academic and press partners at the award ceremony.

Final Product

Personal Contribution

My contribution to the team was everything ‘forest.’ I was in charge of modelling and texturing all of the trees, stumps, logs and bushes as well as the waterfall scene. I used software such as Photoshop and 3ds Max to produce this result. I also had a part in recording the matinee sequences that made the finished video.