Project Description

“You need to concept, model and texture a small building that would fit into a stylised, non-realistic world. The building must be small, yet contain interesting detail and be as full of character as possible. The design must be interesting and original with all the elements sitting well together.”


I confess, for the first project I spent a lot longer than three weeks working on it. Having read up on the Style Matrix briefs during the summer from Blackboard, I chose one of the stylised environments and proceeded to mentally concept an idea for a few months. Then once entering Third Year and discovering the tutors hadn’t axed the particular brief, I was at a solid starting point. Having spent a large portion of Second Year honing my stylised skills, this project was an opportunity to showcase my prowess at all things hand-painted.

The modelling process went smoothly, as it’s where I am most confident and using tips from passing tutors in labs, I quickly rectified any mistakes or improvements. One such improvement being making the light-poles angled so to put strain in them.

There were some minor things that I would have liked to change, such as the height of the lights and perhaps adding some more emissive plants, but I was and am content with the project as it is. Having finished the project a week early I can’t say I would fault my time keeping or organisation either, but perhaps leave myself more time to explore other concept avenues.