Project Description

A University brief set during my second year called, ‘Film Room Project.’ The aim was to recreate a famous environment from a TV series or movie in 3D (Unreal Engine 4). The group project was set over a duration of 4-5 weeks.

Final Product

Personal Contribution

The Film Room Project was my first group task of my degree and luckily I was put with people I knew would work well. We had a variety of ideas to start off with and narrowed it down to the Weasley’s Burrow from Harry Potter, the laboratory from Time Machine and BBC’s adaption of Sherlock Holmes’ Apartment. Looking at every set in detail, we decided to choose the last, as it’s contents fit well with our limited triangle budget.

Dividing the work was tricky as there were six of us to allocate equal work. I took it upon myself to act as a team leader of sorts and made sure everyone had a big asset and numerous little assets to keep them busy. I then continued to check in on my team members as the weeks went on. The project was the first I personally had to use Unreal Engine 4, and I was thankful that there were people in my group who were more than happy to help me with anything I needed.

My Assets:

  • Fabric Armchair with blanket and pillow
  • Corner Shelving Unit

Some of the skills that I learnt during this project:

  • Leadership
  • Patience
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Adobe After Effects