Project Description

“What’s on the other side of the gate?”


Going into this project, I had a clear mental image of what I wanted to achieve, but no definitive concept to produce art from. Instead, I gathered images of what I believed reflected my idea and used them to build my scene. Other research boards included a collection of sci-fi corridors with piping and venting that I used to populate my scene.

This project enabled me to learn a software that I had purchased in its beta but not yet used, Quixel. Although not as useful as Substance Painter could have been, learning and using Quixel nDo and dDo enabled me to understand the intricacies of making a material. As part of this process it also helped me pack my UVs to what I believe an almost professional level. Not only that, I managed to learn how to use blueprints and practised my fledgling ability to manipulate particle systems to produce smoke in UE4 as well as a rotating fan.

There are plenty of things that I would like to do differently in this project. The main one of course being populating the scene with more interesting parts. Although I have tried to achieve an environment with enough focal points to keep a user interested, I don’t think it reaches a professional enough standard for this type of style.