Mornavue Manor & Gardens

As the final project of my time at University, I wanted to make sure that what I created was unique and completely out of the 'norm' for me. I am confident as a stylised environment artist and so it was important to me to create something that was semi-realistic. It [...]

Challenger 2 TROJAN

"Make a realistic prop model of the Challenger II main battle tank, correctly finished as a replica of a real tank. Model should feature realistic texturing, weathering and general wear and tear. As a further task, make a realistic prop model of the re-purposed Challenger II MBT, the Trojan." Reflection With [...]

Space Station Lab

"What's on the other side of the gate?" Reflection Going into this project, I had a clear mental image of what I wanted to achieve, but no definitive concept to produce art from. Instead, I gathered images of what I believed reflected my idea and used them to build [...]

Miss Clark’s Magical Emporium


“You need to concept, model and texture a small building that would fit into a stylised, non-realistic world. The building must be small, yet contain interesting detail and be as full of character as possible. The design must be interesting and original with all the elements sitting well together.” Reflection [...]

Sherlock Holmes Apartment

A University brief set during my second year called, 'Film Room Project.' The aim was to recreate a famous environment from a TV series or movie in 3D (Unreal Engine 4). The group project was set over a duration of 4-5 weeks. Final Product [...]

Off The Map Competition ’16


Set by The Great British Library and Gamecity, we were tasked to respond to the assets we were supplied with, deciding and declaring how we were going to treat them and then executing on that brief. It was about exploring how our work could give new perspectives on the source material. Our team decided on creating a 3D Environment and only [...]